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That's us - Labrador Wurm & human Merten!
Wurm & Merten

DOG LOVER - like you and me!

We are Labrador Wurm & human Merten. By the way, I’m not a dog expert. I’m a normal dog friend "like you and me"! My sweetheart Labrador Wurm I love unconditionally. No matter what crap he is doing – and for that probably even more. Spending time with him together is the most beautiful thing for me. And I cannot imagine life without a dog.

The idea for ONE MILLION DOGS came out through living together with Wurm. A website with 1,000,000 dogs and dog photos for "eternity", which also funds assistance dogs for up to € 6,000,000.

Wurm and I are happy about every dog that participates. Every dog is unique and special. And every dog that participates helps to finance urgently needed assistance dogs and thus give them happiness in life.

Wurm & Merten!

Enthusiasm for dogs
The idea of creating something unique and incredible

Wurm has been enriching my life since the beginning of 2014. The small, big joker is 100 % the best "decision" in my life. I consider every healthy day with him as a great gift. It's amazing how he puts a real (!) smile on people's faces and sunshine in their hearts. (When we come from the city, his head usually smells like hand cream 😉 ).

My loving Wurm not only taught me a lot about dogs, but also about myself. I do appreciate him for that a lot and for so many other things. However, of course I’m not telling other dog friends anything new when it comes to the same experience with their own dogs. Precisely this joy and love from our dogs connects us as dog friends all over the world. And exactly this worldwide dog love is the basis for ONE MILLION DOGS 😊 !

I myself do create and maintain websites for companies as a main job and for that I’m specialized in SEO - search engine optimization (www.emergenz-design.de). Furthermore I operate the Rikscha Welt Hannover Rikscha Welt Hannover (www.rikscha-welt-hannover.de).

Merten - One Million Dogs
& Merten


Labrador Wurm Wurm is born in 2013 and even when he was little Wurm really had a strong mind of his own. He has raised his Merten to his own satisfaction. And by the way, Wurm doesn’t bother that Merten sleeps regularly with him in "his" bed 😉 !


Merten Hirsch Onemilliondogs Merten is born in 1978 and enjoys every day with his Labrador Wurm. With a few exceptions the two are together for 24 hours per day, which at least Merten finds terrific and considers this lifestyle as a real luxury.


ONE MILLION DOGS - frequently asked questions!

A website with 1,000,000 dog photos for the eternity, which also finances € 6,000,000 for assistance dogs.

The idea of ONE MILLION DOGS is to bring together 1,000,000 dog photos from around the world on this homepage "for eternity". Every dog that participates becomes part of this unique project.

And every participating dog is presented on a photo with its name, home town and country. And each dog is given a personal number.

Everyone can participate for 12 €* per dog and photo. 50 % of each payment are donated for the training of assistance dogs.

When we as dog lovers bring together on this website 1,000,000 dogs "for eternity", that alone is phantastic and wonderful.

In addition, we together will fund the training of assistance dogs with up to € 6,000,000. The respective recipient(s) of the donation will be introduced on this webpage. .

Joining – quick and easy!

A search function is installed in the header on DOG PHOTOS.

To search for your dog click on the large, red button SEARCH!

The search function opens.

Enter the name or assigned number of your dog in the search input field!

The page automatically jumps to the name or number you are looking for (then highlighted in yellow).

Note: if the search shows the correct name, but not your dog, because there are, for example, several "Waldis", simply click through the search hits with the search arrows (blue ellipse) to your dog (always provides a clear search result for your dog photo the search accordingly via the number).

Now go out of the search function!

Click on the red button CLOSE SEARCH!

View your dog photo / search result!

After hiding the search, the search hit remains highlighted in yellow!

Search for all dogs from the same country, city, or name.

On DOG PHOTOS open the search function in the header!

Enter country, city or name in the search.

As an example, we are looking for all dogs from GERMANY!

After entering, the page automatically jumps to the first dog from GERMANY.

The current search hit for GERMANY is highlighted in yellow!

Show the next dog from GERMANY.

Click on the DOWN arrow, then the next search hit for GERMANY will be displayed!

Show the next dog from GERMANY again.

Click on the DOWN arrow again, then the next search hit for GERMANY will be displayed!

Etc., etc. ... !

By clicking on the UP arrow, the search returns a search hit.

Instead of a country (in the example: Germany), you can also search for names or cities!

If you have any further questions that you cannot find the answer to here, please do not hesitate to contact me!

✉   info@onemilliondogs.net

I look forward to answering your questions!



... spread the word and happiness!