Assistance dog for JULE!


Assistance dog for Jule

Assistance dog for JULE!

With ONE MILLION DOGS we dog lovers all together can finance an assistance dog for the lovely Jule. The assistance dog for Jule costs an incredible € 14,000. Jule can raise € 2,000 herself and therefore she needs a financial support of € 12,000 for her assistance dog.

Every dog owner can support Jule, thereby leaving valuable footprints and giving life happiness. Every single dog photo on ONE MILLION DOGS helps Jule to fulfill her heart's desire and gives her even more sunshine and enjoyment in her life through the financing of her assistance dog.

Jule One Million Dogs

Jule One Million Dogs

An epilepsy warning dog gives Jule security and freedom

"Hello, my name is Jule and I am 19 years old. I love animals and especially dogs. I really want my own dog that can always be with me and protect me when I have seizures.

When I was born my brain was bleeding, so I have seizures. This year it has been even more than usual and the tablets are not helping. My dog could warn me if a seizure occurs because I don't know when it starts. When I'm on my own, the dog can warn me and get help. A warning dog can even press an emergency button and my parents will be called. That would be marvelous because I want to be self sufficient."

- Jule -

Epilepsy warning dogs give quality of life & protection!

That's why Jule wants nothing more than an epilepsy warning dog. For Jule, an epilepsy warning dog is nothing less than a protector of life and limb!

Jules warning dog is able to recognize an epileptic seizure a few minutes in advance. That means that Jule can get prepared in time for an approaching seizure and gets help. In this way an epilepsy warning dog not only prevents dangerous falls.

This would enable Jules parents and Jules teachers to plan their everyday life much better and, above all, make it more safe for Jule. In addition, an epilepsy warning dog helps Jule to increase her independence and overall her quality of life. Her four-legged friend would be there for her for 24 hours a day.

Assistance dog for Jule Info

Dog paw Onemilliondogs Once the goal of funding € 12,000 for Jule is reached, ONE MILLION DOGS will send the money as a donation to the assistance dog trainer Bianka Niemeyer.

In order to always be fully ready for the development and care of their daughter, the parents of Jule are employed part-time. Therefore, Jules parents do not have the financial ability to finance an epilepsy warning dog themselves.

Every dog photo on One Million Dogs helps to make Jule even happier! Are you in? Together with your dog and a nice dog photo?


Assistance dog trainer

First-class training from a professional!

The epilepsy warning dog for Jule is trained by a real and experienced professional: the assistance dog trainer "Bibi" Bianka Niemeyer. The word about quality gets around and Bianka Niemeyer has already been seen on television as an assistance dog trainer.

The training of Jules epilepsy warning dog will take place as so-called partial external training by Bianka Niemeyer. And since not every dog is suitable as an epilepsy warning dog, with her great experience Bianka Niemeyer will also choose the dog for Jule. The special skills that a dog needs in order to be trained to become an epilepsy warning dog are inherent in a dog from birth. However, if a dog does not have these special skills, it cannot learn them either.

Passionate assistance dog trainer - Bianka Niemeyer
Bianka Niemeyer is a passionate trainer for assistance dogs. She modestly says that she was very lucky to be able to turn her hobby into a profession. She trains assistance dogs as best friends and to help her people in everyday life. The assistance dog helps people by giving back a piece of joy in life and more independence. Each assistance dog supports its human in different ways and with different tasks.

Epilepsy warning dog for Jule - be there!

The litter of puppies from which the dog for Jule is supposed to come will likely see the light of day in February 2021. Of course we will keep you up to date with news here. As soon as trainer Bianka Niemeyer has selected a suitable puppy for Jule, we will present the puppy here in detail with photos.

As the training of Jule's dog by and with Bianka Niemeyer progresses we will provide in detail here on ONE MILLION DOGS a lot of pictures and interesting information so that you can be part of the experience!


Jule One Million Dogs


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